We are finishing up the biggest update in the history of Bumpin. Now, with a Super flexible GUI and new apps you will love Bumpin even more. Please write to us that how did you get on with our new interface.
It is just around the corner now. Stay tuned.


Pro Version with white Label Support is on the way

Great news for Bumpin Users!

Pro version of Bumpin Products is on the way to release on August 1st, 2012. With a Bumpin Pro Plan, typically less than $10 a month, you can now enjoy our white label support along with many new features for your site,blog or forum.

Can you remove the text "Powered by Bumpin" from the Socialbar and Widgets? can you add my logo to the bar? can you remove the links from the Socialbar? can we add more than one Socialbar under one account? and can we integrate our own ads into the bar; these were kind of questions we were receiving almost every other day. The wait is almost over! In this update, we have made it possible for the Bumpin users to to rebrand any app into their sites' own image and some more kool things to try.

We love to hear from you, so please write to us with with your suggestions or request for a new feature or anything you want to share.




New Applications

The first major update to the socialbar for 2011 is out ! Seven new applications have been added to bumpIn socialbar. The focus of these applications is to make your content more accessible and engaging; increasing user traction and improving site traffic on every level

Recent Posts

Recent posts shows the most recent content posted on your website, making your content more accessible for visitors. The links are automatically updated in real time so that the application always shows the latest content.

Random Post

Random post takes the visitor to a random post on your website. This application is useful for website with a lot of content or portals that specialize in a certain type of news and content.

Rising Posts

Rising posts displays the hottest content on your website; the content that is being viewed the most lately. This application directs visitors to the most exciting content on your website by making it easier to get to.


Flickr application displays your Flickr photos  in a sleek interactive window. It gives you the option to display photos by a certain user or a certain album.This makes your image gallery much easier to access for visitors. This application is powered by cooliris.


YouTube application displays YouTube videos by a user or from a channel specified by you. The videos are played inside the socialbar's subpanel. This application is powered by cooliris.


Picassa application displays your Picassa photos in a sleek interactive window. It gives you the option to display photos by a certain user or a certain album. This makes your image gallery much easier to access for visitors. This application is powered by cooliris.


Translate enables visitors to view your page in their desired language. Users are presented with dozens of language options and the process is quick and consistent. This application is powered by Google translate.

Get a Social Bar Now !

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New Release: IM Chat v2

IM Chat v2.0 is out now with a sleek new interface and numerous other enhancements. The new interface is intuitive and has been designed to be easy on the eyes through reduced clutter. Every aspect of the application’s interaction with the user has been revamped, from the login screen to the logout process. As always, the whole process is secured by GeoTrust®; this means that you can log in and use the application with complete peace of mind.

Easy to Access

The application sits neatly tucked away in the socialbar and pops up at just a click of a button. No effort is required to get the application running; no installations, no plug-ins, no prompts what-so-ever. Moreover, the application is very light and loads right away.

Pleasant Login Process

IM Chat supports all the popular platforms (Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo and AOL). The UI is compartmentalized for ease of use with a sleek IM Panel. The description amply guides the users through the whole process.

Fun Chat Experience

After all, chatting is what this application is all about. The whole app has been built around the chatting experience so that the main use of the application is not compromised. The whole experience is unobtrusive so that you can enjoy talking to your friends as much as possible.


IM Chat is secured by GeoTrust; meaning that the credentials of its users are kept safe and are sent with a digital signature.

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Facebook Style Bar


Did you know that social networks or blogs are visited by two thirds (67%) of the global online population making it the fourth most popular online category? I recently came across a few interesting facts on a recent Neilson Report and was amazed to see these figures related to social media’s rapid growth rate.

This undeniable popularity of social media has benefited both giant corporations and small businesses over the past few years. It has also led many websites to integrate various social widgets and facebook style bars to attract more visitors. The installation part comes in handy; it is the handeling of so many widgets that becomes cumbersome.  

Realizing this need, BumpIn has recently introduced a facebook style bar with the aim of linking a reader/visitor to various social networks via a single toolbar installation. BumpIn SocialBar sits at the bottom of a website enabling the best integration with facebook connect, twitter connect and all major IM and Social networks. Visitors can discover each other in real time and discuss/share content of a website with their friends. This facebook style bar allows a website to become more sticky and interactive leading to increased page views plus visitor traffic.

BumpIn SocialBar is totally free, easy to install and user freindly. It does not mess up with the CSS, aesthetics and loading time of a websites. Click on the link given below to install an amazing facebook style bar and have a great BumpIn experience.



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ShoutBox for Blogger


Hey dear BumpIn users!!! Want to make the attempt of gathering feedback and comments for your blogs more exciting? With a one click integration and easy registration process, add up BumpIn ShoutBox for Blogger to your blog and get connected to the visitors instantly.

Once a blog is posted, every blogger loves to receive comments while a reader often finds it cumbersome to post one. BumpIn ShoutBox for Blogger, acts as a great alternative to commenting. It enables bloggers to interact with the visitors for an instant feedback. At BumpIn, we make a ShoutBox for Blogger that is easy to use and efficient for both the blog writer and visitors. BumpIn ShoutBox facilitates the visitors to see who is online, initiate one– to- one chat or broadcast messages to all the visitors viewing the blog at the same time.

BumpIn ShoutBox is compatible with all the browsers. With a wide range of customizable themes and placement options, this interesting chat widget can be modified to suite the look and feel of a Blogger’s blog. BumpIn ShoutBox for Blogger will not only make a blog site sticky and interactive but will also give it an appealing look. It is completely free and very easy to install.

So what are you waiting for!! Follow the link given below and get a BumpIn ShoutBox for your Blogger blog!!


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Bumpin among sellers and buyers

Bumpin's popularity as a live chat widget on heavily trafficked websites continues. The latest site to integrate Bumpin into its pages is here. The site facilitates buying, selling and exchanging of everything from Xbox games to Nokia cell phones. Glancing at the Bumpin window, you'll find dozens of people looking for tips on good purchases or indulging in spontaneous barters. No need to wait for a person to respond on a static message board. Responses trickle in right away and a critical mass of users means that someone out there will be able to help you. And if not, you can just engage in some friendly banter with other visitors.

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Incorporating Bumpin into websites

I'm pleased to report that Bumpin has been integrated as a widget into a respected business and technology blog, Green & White. Towards the right side of the page, you'll see the familiar Bumpin logo allowing you to broadcast messages to other readers of the blog.

It means you're no longer alone while reading about venture capital opportunities and critiques of the latest internet startups. You can see how many other people are reading the same articles and being vocal about their views. If you're lucky, you may find someone just as passionate about technology as yourself and that's another venture in the making.

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Bumpin to Football

Football/Soccer is obviously a big deal all over the world. There's something about the act of 22 men tackling each other in pursuit of a chequered sphere that brings out the passions in all of us. No surprise then that there are social networking sites entirely devoted to the game. I came across one here.

Standard idea: let people customize fan pages which serve as shrines to their footie heroes, allow them to discuss and flame on themed forums. It's MySpace for footie lovers basically. Most of the same features, just always revolving around football.

Bumpin is a nice alternative to a network devoted solely to one hobby. It allows you to find the like-minded and engage in interactive bickering with them on the mascot for the 2010 World Cup is any good or not. It saves you from the longer ordeal of setting up a profile on a brand new networking site, since you obviously have many other hobbies to cater to and Bumpin lets you skip from one to another with ease.  

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Introducing a member of the Bumpin team

The Bumpin empire is host to a range of colorful characters. They all contribute to making it a unique and dynamic place. I'd like to share a brief interview with one of the founders and main software developers. He likes to go by the code name, Vampire. Here's what he has to say:

  Q. Inspirational tech personality?
  A. Bill Gates.  he is a moron but a great and humble moron . i like humble billionaires :D

  Q. Last movie watched?
  A.  A Mighty Heart. "No i am not that crazy about angelina " ! . its old but a friend recommended it

   Q. Fun thing you've done this summer?
   A. I went to egypt with friends. wow!!! it was great great fun ! but  it was even more fun to stand for hours at the swiss embassy n then to be rejected a visa because they dont think my Mom's money is my money too !!! bastards !!! :D

   Q. What makes BumpIn, the product, unique?
   A. Well if u talk about the product there are a few others thathave sprung up recently that do almost the same thing. What makes bumpIn unique is its usability in comparison to others. its simple, elegant and carefully designed to make it useful. and ofcourse i am one of its developers !!!

   Q. A few words to describe the BumpIn work environment.
   A  Awesome - Cool - Hot - Bitchy - Competitive - Professional

   Q. What are you working on at the moment?
   A  i am working on a procedure to allow users to be able to make and apply their selfmade color skins to our webwidget

Can't wait to check out the skins from Vampire. We'll take you through more details of his life when we get a chance. Stay tuned! 

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