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Hey dear BumpIn users!!! Want to make the attempt of gathering feedback and comments for your blogs more exciting? With a one click integration and easy registration process, add up BumpIn ShoutBox for Blogger to your blog and get connected to the visitors instantly.

Once a blog is posted, every blogger loves to receive comments while a reader often finds it cumbersome to post one. BumpIn ShoutBox for Blogger, acts as a great alternative to commenting. It enables bloggers to interact with the visitors for an instant feedback. At BumpIn, we make a ShoutBox for Blogger that is easy to use and efficient for both the blog writer and visitors. BumpIn ShoutBox facilitates the visitors to see who is online, initiate one– to- one chat or broadcast messages to all the visitors viewing the blog at the same time.

BumpIn ShoutBox is compatible with all the browsers. With a wide range of customizable themes and placement options, this interesting chat widget can be modified to suite the look and feel of a Blogger’s blog. BumpIn ShoutBox for Blogger will not only make a blog site sticky and interactive but will also give it an appealing look. It is completely free and very easy to install.

So what are you waiting for!! Follow the link given below and get a BumpIn ShoutBox for your Blogger blog!!


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