Facebook Style Bar


Did you know that social networks or blogs are visited by two thirds (67%) of the global online population making it the fourth most popular online category? I recently came across a few interesting facts on a recent Neilson Report and was amazed to see these figures related to social media’s rapid growth rate.

This undeniable popularity of social media has benefited both giant corporations and small businesses over the past few years. It has also led many websites to integrate various social widgets and facebook style bars to attract more visitors. The installation part comes in handy; it is the handeling of so many widgets that becomes cumbersome.  

Realizing this need, BumpIn has recently introduced a facebook style bar with the aim of linking a reader/visitor to various social networks via a single toolbar installation. BumpIn SocialBar sits at the bottom of a website enabling the best integration with facebook connect, twitter connect and all major IM and Social networks. Visitors can discover each other in real time and discuss/share content of a website with their friends. This facebook style bar allows a website to become more sticky and interactive leading to increased page views plus visitor traffic.

BumpIn SocialBar is totally free, easy to install and user freindly. It does not mess up with the CSS, aesthetics and loading time of a websites. Click on the link given below to install an amazing facebook style bar and have a great BumpIn experience.